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Plastic Trowel Blades

Burnish Marks

Trowel Angle


Why would you choose plastic trowel blades?


Are burnish marks a

problem on concrete?


Why is it important to

angle the trowels?

FF Number

Finishing Pans & Float Blades

ISO 9001-2015


What does FF number on concrete finishing mean?


When and why to use a Float Blade or a Finishing Pan?


What is the ISO 9001-2015 certification for?

Stress Relieving


Matte/Glossy Finish


Why the steel stress relief process is important?


Why does shipping matter?


How to reach a matte or glossy finish on my concrete floors?

Thickness / Hardness

Flat / Super Flat Pans

Concrete Grades


What is the best feature of a finishing pan?


What is the difference between a Flat Pan and a Super Flat Pan?


What are the different grades of concrete?

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