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P2K ( Plate 2000 ) is a concrete finishing products manufacturer with a proven track record in quality and an emphasis on innovation.

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Premium Quality

P2K ( Plate 2000 ) is a concrete finishing products manufacturer with a proven track record in quality and an emphasis on innovation.

We are focused on meeting the needs of the North American market with our premium concrete finishing tools.

Our game-changing approach involves providing meticulously crafted concrete finishing tools that are specifically designed to handle the complexities of today’s different aggregates, add-ons, machines, and all the demanding challenges.

Discover the satisfaction of a job well done with P2K concrete finishing tools.

Performance that matches the hard work of professionals.

We are committed to helping concrete finishers successfully complete their projects and overcome their challenges.

To achieve this, we offer concrete finishing products that help to :

Enhance the efficiency of polishers

Ensure unparalleled finish quality

Minimize the risk of incidents and subsequent surface repairs

Accelerate project completion time

Elevate customer satisfaction to new heights

Patrick Bolduc – President


P2K was born from my own experience in concrete finishing.

While in college, I worked as a finisher during the long school vacations.

In 2000, my father-in-law, Claude Latulippe, and I had an opportunity to acquire the equipment we needed, which we then installed in his garage to manufacture trowels and sell them to end users in the area.

In its first year, P2K sold 3,000 trowels and about 100 pans.

I have to admit that I was proud…


Made from recycled materials and produced through lots of elbow grease, these trowels represented all the hard work and dedication that was going to be needed for the future.

In 2003, I moved beyond the confines of my father-in-law’s garage and established a business that rapidly gained momentum, not only within my province of Quebec, but throughout the entire country of Canada.

In 2005, I formed my first partnerships with associates in the United States, and they have remained trusted allies to this day.

A finisher’s job is a demanding one, and it is important to me to do everything in my power to make the job easier.

Our goals drive us to design and produce concrete finishing tools that will withstand the test of time.

Since 2018, our advanced R&D department has been focused on creating innovative products and driving continuous improvement in line with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

At P2K, we are renowned for our commitment to high-quality products.

Our goal is to position ourselves as the worldwide industry leader in manufacturing tools for concrete finishing, maintaining our commitment to diversifying our range of products and services, and providing continued support to concrete finishers.


P2K ( Plate2000 ) is part of the P. Bolduc Group.

The P. Bolduc Group is renowned for its comprehensive range of turnkey metal transformation products and services.

The team is renowned for its dedication, creative mindset and passion for facilitating its partners’ growth and success.

For more information about the P. Bolduc Group, please visit

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